The Centre Card

The best way to take advantage of our programs!

The General Program Centre Card

$50 per month

Drop-in classes are normally $12 per class, half day Saturday Workshops are $20, and full day courses are $40.  However, with a Centre Card, you pay one fee of $50 per month for six months.  This card entitles the holder to six months of unlimited drop-in classes at the main Centre and the branches classes and also half-day courses.  It also includes discounts on other courses.

Foundation Program Centre Card or Teacher Training Program Centre Card:

$75 per month for Foundation Program, $80 per month for Teacher Training Program, usually for a period of at least 12 months.

These cards entitle the holder to the same access as a General Program Centre Card but also provide access to the intermediate or advanced study programs. Discounts for hardship are available on request.

Applications for cards are available at all our regular classes.

For more information contact us at or call 604.853.3738.