Meditation in Langley

Mondays, 10:30am – 12 noon

Join meditation teacher Kelsang Tsalden in meditation to relax, to enjoy, and to let go of stress and negativity.

In these sessions, Tsalden will take participants through carefully guided meditations with a focus on how meditation can be used in daily life in helping to develop a peaceful, flexible mind. These classes are suitable for beginner and experienced meditators and for people of any faith background.


Langley Senior Resources Society
20605 – 51B Avenue
Langley BC
V3A 9H1

Cost & registration

Please register directly with the Langley Senior Resources Society

Cost of 4 classes:
$28.00 (GST included), Members
$38.00 (GST included), Non-Members



Kelsang Tsalden is a Kadampa Buddhist nun who has taught meditation classes in Victoria and at Kadampa Meditation Centre Fraser Valley in Abbotsford.   Tsalden draws from both her meditation and life experiences to make her teaching clear, meaningful and practical.

Dates & subjects

Understanding Karma 

Usually we assume that bad experiences arise only in dependence upon the conditions of this present life. Since we can’t account for many these experiences, we often feel that they are inexplicable and undeserved and that there is no justice in the world.  Once we understand how karma works, our mind will ease and our level of suffering will decrease.

Oct 22  Karma: Cause and Effect

Oct 29  Creating the Causes for Harmonious Relationships

Nov 5   Creating the Causes for Abundance


Developing Love and Compassion
During this course we will meditate on how to distinguish love from attachment. Unlike attachment, love doesn’t expect anything in return. When we act out of attachment our actions are ego-centric and self- serving. We will meditate on specific methods of developing love and compassion for everyone.

Nov 26   Why is it so Hard to Love Some People?

Dec 3   Attachment is Different from Love

Dec 10  Developing Compassion by “Taking and Giving”